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Nine Elements of An Impactful Social Media Post

Posted On: July 25,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

So you have a website, a social media account, and followers - congratulations! These are two of the most important elements in an online marketing strategy. However, all that time you spend writing and scheduling posts won’t make a difference ...


Ad Saturation, Ad Fatigue, and How to Target Without Over-Targeting

Posted On: July 18,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

If you've ever felt that an ad follows you around no matter where you go online, you're not alone: effective frequency has long taught marketers that in order to win their business, consumers must be exposed to the same message several times over.


What Happens When Your Data is Breached: Darknet Markets Explained

Posted On: July 12,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

When it comes to data breaches, nobody bears the brunt like online businesses. While 46% of Americans have fallen victim to credit card fraud within the past five years, fraudulent purchases can be reported to the credit card company which will...

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The Social Media Minefield: How to Stay Relevant Without Starting Controversy

Posted On: July 03,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

On social media, brands are subject to scrutiny that can breed disaster. By now, we’re used to it: every few months, a large corporation sends out a Tweet, Facebook post or advertisement that creates a magnificent firestorm of criticism and...