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Trade shows are an excellent way to market your business.

Why trade shows?

Trade Show Booth that conveys technology and data security, marketing strategiesAudience – There may be no better way to reach your target audience than at a trade show. Your customer base comes to you; they are tailored to bring in a specific set of people.
Impact – Trade shows allow you to make a first impression on a lot of prospects at one time. If you do it right, you will be able to make a lasting impact on potential customers … far greater than what a flyer or postcard could accomplish.
Credibility – Your trade show booth is a representation of your company as a whole. Being able to show that you are a qualified, legitimate business in person is much more influential than anything a customer may see online or in the mail.
Leads – There is no better way to get high-quality leads than at an event that is focused on your business niche.
Networking & Investigating – Trade shows are a great way to meet other players in your industry and develop professional relationships. On the flip side, it is also a great way to see what your competitors are doing.

Here's what you need to create a successful trade show booth

Not only are they great at reaching a particular group of people, but they can leave a lasting impression. One crucial element to a successful trade show endeavor is your booth - you want that first impression of your business to be a great one.

Theme & Design – Booths designs need to be purposeful and cohesive. Ask yourself:

  • Does the design reflect my business?
  • Does the design fit the event?

Marketing Hook – It's important to figure out how you are going to draw people into your booth as you are designing it. Ask yourself:

  • What would my customers be interested in that also represents my business?
  • What can bring customers to see me versus my competitors?

Booth Flow/Design Implementation – Once you have chosen a hook and an overall theme, consider how you want people to flow through your space. Ask yourself:

  • How should I prioritize my information?
  • How do I ensure the flow?

Media – Using different types of media in your booth will garner much-needed interest. Ask yourself:

  • What can I do to set myself apart from other booths?
  • Are there any restraints on the technology I can use?

Giveaways – Giveaways are a critical component to every trade show. Even if someone doesn’t need your service or product at the time of the show, your giveaway may sit on their desk until a day when they do need it. Ask yourself:

  • What type of product would my audience be interested in?
  • What type of product represents my competitive advantage in the marketplace?

Positive People – It may seem simple, but having upbeat, friendly employees at your booth can be the difference between a successful event and a failed one. Ask yourself:

  • Are my employees attentive and welcoming?
  • Have they dressed appropriately?
  • Are they knowledgeable?

Don't be overwhelmed by all the details. Hire a professional marketing company to help you plan out your booth, produce promotional items, and design marketing materials. Trade shows are an invaluable way to reach potentials clients, so start taking advantage of them now.

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Kristine Jacobson

Kristine Jacobson

Kristine Jacobson has more than 25 years of marketing and communications experience with notable corporate leaders as well as emerging market contenders. She offers expert marketing strategy with a touch of creative flair. Her extensive knowledge of strategic marketing, marketing plan execution, and branding illuminate the big picture without losing sight of the details.