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We live in an age where technology is obsolete as soon as it lands on a store’s shelf. It isn’t just limited to cell phones and computers; your website is has a limited life.

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to give their clients an edge in the digital world. If your website is three years old – or even three months old – it probably needs some sort of refresh.

Customers expect you to have a current, freshly-updated site at all times. If you don’t, you are missing the chance to give your business credibility – which is increasingly crucial in a world where it’s difficult to make yourself known amongst big-name box stores and franchises. If your site is slow, ugly, and outdated, you’re essentially digging your own grave.

To ensure your website is alive and well, you should be able to positively answer the following questions:

    • Is all the information on your website accurate?
    • Does the design look sharp, sophisticated, and fresh?
    • Is your content current and interesting?
    • Do web analytics tell you that people love your website?
    • Is your site responsive?
    • Do you have a call to action?
    • Have you featured links to your social media accounts?
    • Are all the links on your site still functional?
    • Do you have customer testimonials?
    • Is your site better than your competitors?

If you couldn’t answer every question with an enthusiastic “Yes!” then it’s time to renew your website.

Tips for Shaking Off the Cobwebs

    • Update, update, update! You should be constantly updating your site. When staff, inventory, or even business goals change, so should your website. Content also needs to be revised and renewed all the time. If it’s boring or stale, your customers will lose interest.
    • Make sure it’s visually compelling. Sometimes, all you need are some new photos and graphics to liven up your site. If your site came from a free design tool – and looks like it – you may need a little more redesign to get it to a place where it stands out in the marketplace (in a good way).
    • Ensure it’s working behind the scenes. Google is changing its algorithms all the time, directly impacting your SEO. Is your site optimized? If you pay for ads, why do certain ads have higher bounce rates? Why aren’t people hanging out on your site? Analytics can show you where you are weak so that you can effectively adjust your online strategy.
      Additionally, your site needs to be mobile-responsive. If it’s not, it is hurting your rank in Google. If you think that no one is looking for you on their phone, you’re wrong. Regardless of the business type, approximately half of all search is mobile.
    • Pay attention to details. Links need to work and social media needs to be easy to find (if you actually want followers). Do you have calls to action? If you don’t call your customers to act, they probably won’t. And it might sound overly simple, but even a few short testimonials or reviews can make your business seem trustworthy to potential clients.
    • Stay one step ahead of the competition. As long as your website looks better than theirs, you’re fine… for now.

If you need a little help rejuvenating your website, contact Conveyance today. We can be your not-so-mad scientist. Let us bring your website back to life before it’s too late.

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Kristine Jacobson

Kristine Jacobson

Kristine Jacobson has more than 25 years of marketing and communications experience with notable corporate leaders as well as emerging market contenders. She offers expert marketing strategy with a touch of creative flair. Her extensive knowledge of strategic marketing, marketing plan execution, and branding illuminate the big picture without losing sight of the details.