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Creating Social Media Policies and Guidelines for Your Organization

Posted On: September 19,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

With the rise of social media, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter bring up issues for organizations in terms of confidentiality, privacy, and personal versus professional use of social media while on the job. Creating Social Media Policies...


Welcome to the Real World, College Student!

Posted On: August 15,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

Now, Go Get Yourself a Headshot

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Understanding SEO Clustering

Posted On: August 02,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

Single keyword SEO optimization is now a practice of the past. Changes in search behavior (long tail keywords and voice search) and more sophisticated methods of understanding search intent, are requiring SEO experts to update their optimization...


Jump Into the Kaleidoscope World of Instagram with a Canva Parachute

Posted On: July 26,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

The backbone of Instagram is color.  The social media platform is expressly designed to appeal directly to your cerebral cortex.  As a marketing tool it can be one of the most effective ways to reach your audience quickly and impact-fully,...


Business Card Dos and Don’ts

Posted On: July 23,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

Your business card is the tool that will attract customers and get them to contact your business. For it to serve its function, it needs to be designed properly and not get lost amongst other business cards. Your business card is a representation...


Choosing Colors for Your Website Branding

Posted On: July 12,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

We recently held a strategy meeting with a new client and in the course of discussing their marketing needs, we found ourselves talking about the “feel” of their business, and how we could communicate this in their new website design through the...


Marketing Toolbox:  Content Marketing, Blogging and SEO

Posted On: June 19,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

In our line of work, we see a lot of confusion when it comes to blogging, content marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Writing a blog or placing the popular term “content marketing” on a proposal, sales collateral, or website does not...


Creating A Logo That Speaks "You"

Posted On: June 14,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

Your logo is your shorthand. When its seen by a potential customer or client, you want it to instantly convey your business’ “personality.” Relegating this to an after-thought is a mistake, which is why when you’re in the process of branding your...

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Content Marketing Trends for 2018

Posted On: March 12,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson

Content marketing will continue to expand in 2018. It has firmly planted itself at the marketing table, pulling the same weight as disciplines such as social media and search engine optimization. In the new year, we believe that content marketing...


Dilly Dilly! Slogans that Become Catchphrases

Posted On: December 27,2017 by: Kristine Jacobson

Dilly Dilly!

As we approach the new year, we can rest assured that a new catchphrase has firmly cemented itself into our lexicon in 2017: “Dilly Dilly!”