Convey It!

Infographic: Be More Like Mad Libs® than a Form Letter

Posted On: May 25,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
At Conveyance, we believe that every client has a unique story to tell. Your story is exceptional when you fill in your own blanks.

Cultivating Lasting Client Relationships

Posted On: May 18,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
Meaningful Client Relationships Take Time and Effort Relationships are the axle around which life turns; whether its with family, friends or in business, they are the foundation to a happy and healthy life. Nurturing these relationships, in all...

Why Your Brand Strategy Needs to be more like Mad Libs®

Posted On: May 11,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
If you want to stand out, you can’t copy and paste another company’s strategy. In today’s highly-competitive marketplace, a solid brand identity is critical. Your branding needs to differentiate what you do and how you do it. You don't need to...

Marketing Assessment: How Well Do You Know Who You’re Marketing To?

Posted On: May 04,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
As a small business owner and entrepreneur, it’s critical to understand who your audience is – and who your audience isn’t. One of the first steps toward small business success involves recognizing that you have a target market. Marketing to anyone...