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TikTok is An Untapped Goldmine for Marketing to Gen-Z

Posted On: March 21,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

If you haven't heard about 'TikTok' yet, then you will soon. Launched in 2017, the popular mobile lip-syncing video app soared in popularity last year, surpassing YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat across Google Play and the App Store. A...

Zentek 2

The Importance of Gorgeous UI

Posted On: March 14,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

It’s no secret that the attention span of the American consumer is at an all-time low.   In our world of the 24-hour news cycle and lives lived in and through social media, there is very little that cannot be experienced through the portal of the...


Brutalism: When it’s Okay to Break the Rules of Web Design

Posted On: March 07,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk about something that's been happening online for the last two years: brutalism.