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Ad Saturation, Ad Fatigue, and How to Target Without Over-Targeting

Posted On: July 18,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

If you've ever felt that an ad follows you around no matter where you go online, you're not alone: effective frequency has long taught marketers that in order to win their business, consumers must be exposed to the same message several times over.


What Happens When Your Data is Breached: Darknet Markets Explained

Posted On: July 12,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

When it comes to data breaches, nobody bears the brunt like online businesses. While 46% of Americans have fallen victim to credit card fraud within the past five years, fraudulent purchases can be reported to the credit card company which will...

CMG blog

The Social Media Minefield: How to Stay Relevant Without Starting Controversy

Posted On: July 03,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

On social media, brands are subject to scrutiny that can breed disaster. By now, we’re used to it: every few months, a large corporation sends out a Tweet, Facebook post or advertisement that creates a magnificent firestorm of criticism and...

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Say Goodbye to the Town Square: The Future of Facebook for Marketers

Posted On: June 27,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

The past few years have not been kind to Facebook. Since 2016, the company has been embroiled in political controversy, lawsuits and criticism for its data privacy practices. Now – in spite of efforts to save a sinking ship – the social network...

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How to Create the Perfect Website With A/B Testing

Posted On: June 20,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

Every marketer understands - or every marketer should understand - how important websites are for business. A brand's website is the pillar of its identity online, and - for many prospects - a first introduction to the business and its products.



Marketing to Gen-Z: What it Takes, and How to Do It

Posted On: June 13,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

In 2019, the millennials are all grown up. And even though they suffered from a PR problem blaming them for everything from dating problems to the death of napkins, they’ve figured it out: now millennials are wealthyeducated and integrated into...


AI-Powered Bots are Changing Business: Here's How to Use Them

Posted On: June 06,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

In stories, robots are often the bad guys. But let's be honest: they don't deserve that reputation. All things being equal, bots have made the world a better place, from building cars, to cleaning waste and helping doctors with surgery. Now bots...

User Experience Blog

User Experience and Web Design: What it Is, and Why It's Important

Posted On: May 16,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

On a surface level, the term “user experience” (UX) is self-explanatory: it refers to the way a user feels when interacting with a business and its products.


What is thought leadership and how can I use it to advance my company?

Posted On: April 25,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

Just like building a business, become a recognized thought leader requires dedication and a solid strategy. Establishing yourself as a thought leader can be the cherry on top for you and your business to reach its full potential. In order to...


What's the Difference Between Web Design and Graphic Design?

Posted On: April 18,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson

The digital ecosystem as we know it today could not exist without the visually rich interfaces that power websites and mobile applications. Graphics of all kinds - from UI to illustration - provide invaluable context to users through the...