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PR in the 21st Century: Measuring ROI

Few areas of business elude definition like Public Relations do.

Lying at the intersection of marketing, customer support, content creation, and high-end strategy, modern PR is a multi-tool with many different purposes. In this eBook, we’ll cover what PR is, how it benefits a business, and how to measure return-on-investment to ensure that your PR program is earning its keep.

Why Conveyance Marketing Group

Conveyance Marketing Group is comprised of dedicated and experienced marketers with the unique ability to translate highly technical services/products to audiences across varied marketing channels. Our slogan, “we speak geek”, speaks to our ability to bridge the gap between left-brained engineers and right-brained creatives, ultimately delivering a powerful and targeted marketing strategy.


Focused on results that are driven by client objectives our team takes the time to understand your pain points, industry, competitors, and differentiators. Through this analysis a team of dedicated marketing talent implements a data-driven marketing roadmap that informs/educates the target audience on “why you”. 

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