Building new and stronger relationships

In its simplest sense, a marketing channel can be described as a way enhance brand or product awareness and generate leads. These days, organizations have many marketing channels from which to choose. From email marketing and social media to print advertising and website development, the possibilities are endless. One such opportunity, called Channel Marketing, utilizes business partnerships to help spread the word. This channel is aptly named, albeit somewhat confusing; it not only provides a conduit for organizations to expand their reach, but it connects partners in a symbiotic relationship that can benefit everyone involved. 

Case Study on Custom Home Look Book for Alair Homes Hunt Country


Alair Homes Hunt Country is a custom home builder that believes that every customer deserves excellent craftsmanship and service, from concept to completion. With all its local success, Alair Homes Hunt Country was ready to dig deeper. They wanted to penetrate new markets and reach more channel partners, building new and stronger relationships along the way. To achieve this, we worked with company leadership to establish a quarterly digital magazine and an annual Look Book that reflects their brand and messaging. The best part? The magazine complements many of the marketing channels the company already has in place – making it extremely valuable yet economic. 
Case Study on Custom Home Look Book for Alair Homes Hunt Country

Collaborative Development

Partner Ads in Alair Homes Hunt Country Magazine

Creating a digital magazine is no small undertaking. We worked closely with the Alair Homes Hunt Country team throughout the entire process to ensure that the magazine augments and reinforces their brand. Teamwork was critical, from the initial planning stages where we brainstormed and outlined content, to the final editing steps where we made sure that we had incorporated all the finishing touches. We even worked with the company’s channel partners, who placed advertisements and articles in the publication. It was a truly collaborative experience. 

Creative Copywriting

Alair Homes Hunt Country Quarterly Magazine Pages
We weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel with Design Build Magazine; we were just trying to make it better. And Alair Homes Hunt Country made it easy for us. They already employ a comprehensive content marketing strategy that includes various types of website content. We harnessed these resources and repurposed several blogs, giving them new life in the digital publication. One was reinvented as an infographic while the others became relevant articles that tied in with the magazine’s theme. When all was said and done, not much new content had to be written – saving Alair Homes Hunt Country both time and money. 

A New Channel for Channel Partners

The Design Build quarterly magazine and Annual Look Book we created for Alair Homes Hunt Country has been a resounding success, attracting new partnerships with realtors, architects, interior designers, and contractors. This meticulously curated publication not only serves as a testament to Alair's excellence and craftsmanship but also as an effective marketing tool. Its visually stunning layout and engaging content have attracted a wide audience, fostering new professional relationships and enhancing their network. Additionally, the magazine has been immensely popular among clients, who appreciate its beauty and inspiration, solidifying Alair's reputation as a leader in custom home design. This strategic initiative has significantly expanded their market presence, proving the power of high-quality, targeted marketing materials.


Matt Bowe
Working with Conveyance transformed our vision into a stunning reality. Their dedication and creativity in producing our quarterly magazine not only elevated our brand but also deeply connected with our audience, showcasing our custom homes in a light that far exceeded our expectations. Truly remarkable partnership and outcome.
Matt Bowe, Partner, Alair Homes Hunt Country
Becca Mitchell
I loved collaborating with the Alair team on this project. Their clear communication, professionalism, and passion for their work made the process incredibly smooth and enjoyable. Their cooperation was invaluable in creating a magazine that perfectly represents their brand. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team.
Becca Mitchell on designing the Alair Look Book

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