B2G marketing is a lot more nuanced that B2B marketing

B2G marketing is a lot more nuanced that B2B marketing - not only between DoD, civilian, homeland security, intelligence, federal, state, and local but often down to specific agencies.  

The Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach is highly relevant for government contractors, Federal IT providers, and others selling to the government, because each stakeholder target is driven by different needs and priorities.  

Case Study on Content Marketing for Data Machines Inc

Developing an Omnichannel GAME PLAN

To ensure a successful ABM strategy, we began by aligning DMC’s internal stakeholders, particularly the sales and program delivery teams. Collaboration between these teams was essential in identifying a mutually identified set of high-value accounts. We prioritized these accounts based on factors such as project scope, contract size, technology innovation, sales cycle targeting, and other relevant attributes. 

Once accounts were identified, we developed a communications plan to create personalized buying experiences. This plan involved identifying relevant topics, content types, and channels of communication to engage with the target accounts in a natural and seamless ways, such as LinkedIn InMail, direct messages, physical or digital events, and distributed content.


Tactical Implementation


The Conveyance team worked closely with the DMC sales leaders and program directors to execute the tactical implementation of the ABM strategy. This involved creating assets, messages, and campaigns specifically designed to resonate with the buying group within each targeted account.  

We employed various tactics to establish personalized connections, including providing educational content highlighting the value of their solutions, sharing personalized content based on account preferences, facilitating one-on-one communication where possible, and hosting events in collaboration with account members. These initiatives allowed DMC to establish a personal and meaningful relationship with the decision-makers in the target accounts.

Performance Measurement


To measure the effectiveness of the ABM strategy, we adopted a collaborative approach between the DMC sales team and their outsourced marketing team. Given the complexity of the ABM approach, with multiple internal teams and diverse channels of engagement, measuring account behavior and business outcomes required a unified effort. \ 

 We utilized a range of tools and technologies to track and analyze the impact of their ABM campaigns. Key metrics included engagement rates, conversion rates, revenue generated from target accounts, and overall ROI. By aligning the sales and marketing teams' goals and objectives, we ensured a comprehensive and accurate assessment of their ABM performance.

Improved conversion rates, Increased Revenue, Better alignment between sales and marketing

DMC successfully engaged high-value accounts by tailoring communications and content to their specific needs and preferences. This resulted in increased response rates and improved relationship-building opportunities. This tailored approach helped address the specific pain points of each account, resulting in more effective sales cycles. The ABM strategy led to the acquisition of new customers from high-value accounts, ultimately driving an increase in revenue for DMC. By focusing on the accounts with the highest potential, DMC maximized its return on investment.


Eric Whyne
I was initially skeptical about the efficacy of ABM. However, the strategic approach taken by our marketing firm, particularly in aligning our sales and program delivery teams to focus on high-value accounts, was a game-changer. The prioritization based on comprehensive factors like project scope and technology innovation allowed us to concentrate our efforts where it mattered most.
Eric Whyne, Founder and President, Data Machines, Inc.
Kristine Jacobson
I loved collaborating with the Alair team on this project. Their clear communication, professionalism, and passion for their work made the process incredibly smooth and enjoyable. Their cooperation was invaluable in creating a magazine that perfectly represents their brand. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team.
Kristine Jacobson on building the ABM strategy with DMC

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