Mathcraft Security Technologies Customer Journey Mapping

Showing potential customers where they “fit in”

Traditionally, customer journey mapping has been used to help companies improve their customer experience (CX). It visually illustrates every point of the CX, from a customer’s initial contact with a brand to their continued support. The process generates a deeper understanding of clients; it allows companies to build brand loyalty. Its findings can also be transformed into powerful external content that helps enterprises speak to clients on a whole new level. Blogs, videos, and graphics that are carefully crafted and targeted can help customers “find themselves” in a company’s offerings, luring them further into the customer lifecycle.



Mathcraft’s products are geared toward a very specific audience: Facility Security Officers (FSOs). The men and women who hold this title aren’t generic security officers who sit in a gatehouse; they work for and with the federal government, protecting our nation’s most sensitive infrastructure and information on a daily basis. We explored their routines, pinpointed their challenges, and studied how Mathcraft solutions could ease their pains. By recognizing their distinctiveness and individuality, we were able to map their customer journey in their HubSpot MarketingHub honestly and realistically. Then, we developed messaging that is meaningful, both in substance and tone, to show potential customers exactly where they “fit in.”



Pull marketing, otherwise known as inbound marketing, is all about “pulling” customers to you and your website. It this approach, we base our efforts around the fact that customers will search for a company’s products or services when they are ready to use them; we simply need to make it easy for our clients be found, whenever and wherever potential customers are looking for them. Using highly-targeted keywords and content based on customer journey mapping, pull marketing can transform customers from strangers into promoters. Today’s most effective inbound tactics include blogs, landing pages, email campaigns, and surveys.


Push marketing, or outbound marketing, utilizes techniques that get your message in front of your audience – whether they are ready for your products and services or not. It’s all about getting your brand out there so that customers will think of you when they are ready to buy. Although push marketing campaigns can be more expensive, they typically reach a larger audience than their pull-marketing counterparts and can be very impactful when used in conjunction with customer journey mapping. Great examples of successful outbound initiatives in today’s competitive environment include Google AdWords, trade shows, direct mail, and advertising in industry-specific trade journals.


Today’s consumers are wary of advertising. They are bombarded with generic banner ads and commercials everywhere they look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to show potential customers that you understand where they are coming from and where they want to go. Customer journey mapping allows enterprises like MathCraft to do just that. By respecting their customers’ pain points during every stage of the CX, Mathcraft can hone in on customer emotions and translate them into inbound and outbound content that FSOs appreciate. And that appreciation goes a long way when FSOs have problems; they know that Mathcraft “gets them” – and has the solutions they need.


The Conveyance team is my secret weapon! They are an integral part of my sales and marketing department.
Imo Etuk, CEO, Mathcraft Security Technologies
I’ll admit that I’m a little biased when it comes to Mathcraft. I have a background in security, specifically federal background investigations, so I am well versed in the issues that FSOs must face every day. Mathcraft is genuinely interested in improving the lives of their customers. They stay on top of every directive, guideline, and requirement so that their solutions make compliance inherent – and easy. I truly believe that they are revolutionizing their industry because they care; all we do is translate that feeling into targeted, meaningful marketing content.
Kristin Crosby on Mathcraft Journey Mapping

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