Developing brand unity for a market disruptor

New Vision Properties (NVP) were wanting a complete rebranding when we met. They were structured as an independent real estate renovation and development company, but they were operating other entities that they wanted to bring under one umbrella. With a cohesive brand, they could market themselves as an innovator in the industry, offering clients a full 360-degree, turnkey experience with one service provider. We began our partnership by redesigning their logo and the logo for each integrated service, giving them each a unique, but cohesive, look. Once those were completed, we started to work on their branding and content strategy.

Case Study on Brand Consolidation for New Vision Properties


When you are breaking the rules and transforming the way an entire industry operates, it can be difficult to get your message across. We collaborated with NVP to completely overhaul their marketing materials with the new brand in mind. After carefully crafting a strategic plan and marketing roadmap, we composed content for a new website and created pitch decks for potential investors. Next, we worked on collateral pieces like street signs and folders. By knowing precisely where NVP stood in the market and where they needed to go, we were able to enrich and fortify the brand itself.



NVP has a sterling reputation. During the rebranding process, we wanted to ensure that we preserved and promoted that character and trustworthiness, especially within collateral materials and the new website. NVP’s strategic plan identified six categories of target customers: D.C. Brokers and Realtors, D.C. Developers, Buy-Reno-Hold Investors, Buy-Reno-Sell Investors, Homeowners, and Commercial Developers. We created content with these customers in mind, speaking their specific languages. We also presented the messaging via collateral pieces that would make an impact on these customers, avoiding wasted campaigns and wasted marketing dollars. The more focused your marketing strategy is, the greater the return on your marketing investment.


Branding should be a structured process. With NVP, we established a set of five guiding principles. First, the brand needed to broaden NVP’s reach to new markets and customers. Second, it needed to leverage existing assets and alliances while focusing on emerging market development. Third, it needed to build brand ambassadors, enriching the brand by deepening connections with existing customers. Fourth, we needed to assess program measures and track return on investment (ROI) to evaluate market penetration and impact. And last, but not least, we knew that we needed the brand to show community support, engaging with people in ways that are not possible from a strictly business perspective.


Traditionally, the real estate industry has been broken into many buckets. There are contractors who focus on design-build projects, stagers who prep homes for the market, and realtors who simply facilitate transactions. There are also developers and investors searching for opportunities to generate wealth. NVP brings everyone to the table, under one roof, so that they can handle every single part of the process. Their 360-degree experience shatters the segmented mold, and it allows a customer service offering that is unparalleled in the industry. NVP can meet the needs of any customer – from a homeowner to a developer – and they are doing it with a commitment to excellence, professionalism, courtesy, and honesty.


Rebranding is never easy - especially when your idea is a new to the industry and therefore unorthodox. The team at Conveyance was great to work with, we brainstormed how to present our disruptor concept from a visual and verbal perspective and the results are fantastic.
Justin Sprinzen, CEO, NVP
Working on NVP’s website and collateral pieces has been really eye-opening. It’s amazing to see how they are devoted to their customers and their final product. The homes they have renovated are breathtaking, and I honestly believe that they are rejuvenating entire neighborhoods in the process. It’s nice to work with a company that values its integrity – especially in an industry that is overrun with fraud and dishonesty. I can’t wait to see where their new brand takes them, because they truly deserve continued success.
Noelle Blankenship on the NVP Rebranding Project

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