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User Experience and Web Design: What it Is, and Why It's Important

Posted On: May 16,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
On a surface level, the term “user experience” (UX) is self-explanatory: it refers to the way a user feels when interacting with a business and its products.

Web Design vs. Graphic Design: What's the Difference?

Posted On: April 18,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
The digital ecosystem as we know it today could not exist without the visually rich interfaces that power websites and mobile applications. Graphics of all kinds - from UI to illustration - provide invaluable context to users through the...
Zentek 2

The Importance of Gorgeous UI

Posted On: March 14,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
It’s no secret that the attention span of the American consumer is at an all-time low. In our world of the 24-hour news cycle and lives lived in and through social media, there is very little that cannot be experienced through the portal of the...

Brutalism: When it’s Okay to Break the Rules of Web Design

Posted On: March 07,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk about something that's been happening online for the last two years: brutalism.
Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

Leveraging Q&A to Take Advantage of Google’s AI Strategy

Posted On: February 28,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
Last year Google announced the addition of FAQ and Q&A formats to the structured data it collects from websites to generate “search snippets,” or “knowledge panels”. Websites with a question and answer function can now be featured in the carousel or...
Website Mistakes to Avoid

8 Web-Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Posted On: January 24,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
It is difficult to overstate the importance of a well-designed website for modern businesses. Depending on market and product, a homepage may be the most valuable asset that some brands possess. Forming the cornerstone of an inbound marketing...
Visual Search Benefits

Visual Search is Beating Voice Search and Here's How to Prepare

Posted On: January 17,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
It's a running joke that marketers have declared every year "the year of voice search" since 2011 when Apple first launched its voice-assistant Siri for iOS devices. Seven years later, the "year of voice search" is finally here...sort of?
search engine trends

5 Search Engine Trends That Marketers Should Ride in 2019

Posted On: January 10,2019 by: Kristine Jacobson
2018 was an exciting year for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Not only did Google release numerous updates to its search algorithm, but the mobile-first index was officially launched, signaling to marketers and web designers that Desktop traffic is...
2019 Web Tips

Five Web Design Tips for Content Marketers

Posted On: December 06,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
If you've ever wondered how many websites exist, the truth is frightening: as of 2018, there are so many registered domains, sites and landing pages that it's impossible to know how many there really are. Furthermore, at least 3 million blog posts...
Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Posted On: November 15,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
In order for your business to thrive, you need to attract interested strangers and turn them into loyal customers. This is where your company puts lead generation into play. Lead generation is the process of converting those strangers into potential...