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Responding to SEO Analytics

In our past two blogs, we have discussed how content and audience can help you get over the dreaded SEO Plateau. The third - and final thing you need - to push past the stagnation is analytics. Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, Compete, Crazy Egg, and other services offer a wide array of tools and statistics for marketers to exploit. Sometimes, though, knowing how to act on the information provided is just as important as getting the right data.

Keep on top of organic traffic.
Use your analytics tool to filter data based on where your organic traffic is landing. What pages are getting the most visitors? Why? What is your most valuable user flow? Once you can answer these questions, you can address areas with lackluster traffic.

To help out the pages that are slacking, refer to Part 1 of Beating the SEO Plateau: Content. The better your content, the better your organic traffic will be. Utilize blogs, improve content on your website, and encourage clients, partners, and other bloggers to link back to you.
If certain pages already boast an adequate user flow, augment the content on those pages too. Great content will make search engines, and your customers, happy.

Audit keywords.
Once you have a good handle on which pages are working for you - and which aren’t - you can then filter your landing page data by keywords. Look at what organic and paid keywords are the most popular. Which ones are leading to sales? Which ones are underperforming? Google Trends is a great place to see if your keywords are even still pertinent in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

It’s important to remember that search engines are continuously refining and improving their algorithms. The better they get, the less relevant your strategy and perhaps your selected keyword could be. The focus of search engines is shifting to quality content, site speed, and security.

Note: Don’t forget that long-tail keywords are also making a comeback thanks to the increase in voice searches.

Examine demographics.
Demographics reports offer some of the best details from analytics providers. Many marketers have shied away from this information because it might require a change to their base Google Analytics code, or it may necessitate an update in their site’s privacy policy. Don’t follow suit, though; the demographic data provided by Doubleclick is worth the effort.

What age groups are coming to your site? What gender searches better than the other? What age range converts on your site? With answers to these questions, you can see what traffic your current marketing strategy is bringing to your site – and adjust accordingly.

There's no golden ticket when it comes to getting over the SEO Plateau. It takes constant innovation and flexibility to navigate the SEO waters successfully, no matter how exceptional your current marketing strategy may be. Just remember to keep quality content at the core of everything you do, continually grow your audience to find new customers, and take advantage of the information that analytics tools provide. If you can remember those three things, you’ll find yourself clear of that awful plateau in no time.

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Kristine Jacobson

Kristine Jacobson

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