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How to Use LinkedIn to Create Wide Reaching Ripples of Opportunities

Posted On: June 29,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
LinkedIn can give your small business unprecedented reach. The social media landscape has evolved to the point where it’s no longer optional to simply exist; it’s now a requirement to maintain a dynamic presence, much like you would if you were...

Web Development Tip: How to Write an About Us Page that Matters

Posted On: June 22,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
Your About Us page on your website is often a hidden opportunity to gain credibility and trust, but not in the way you would assume. The professional tone that is often the trademark of the “About Us” page can make you sound stiff and “safe” and...

Creating A Logo That Speaks "You"

Posted On: June 14,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson
Your logo is your shorthand. When its seen by a potential customer or client, you want it to instantly convey your business’ “personality.” Relegating this to an after-thought is a mistake, which is why when you’re in the process of branding your...
five tips for speech-making success

Infographic: 5 Tips for Speech-making Success

Posted On: June 01,2018 by: Kristine Jacobson