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Millennials make up a quarter of the U.S. population, and as the first wave nears 40, their buying power will continue to increase. Their spending already accounts for $600 billion every year, and they make more than half of their purchases online. As a result, any company wanting to compete in the marketplace must make websites millennial-friendly.

What exactly does “millennial-friendly” mean? We’re diving into some of the top things you can do to make your website appeal to millennials. These tips also apply to other generations...more on that in a moment.

Mobile-First Design

Designing your website with a responsive design that translates well from desktop to mobile has never been easier or more important. More than 80% of consumers, millennials and non-millennials alike, visit sites on a mobile device and believe your web experience should be the same regardless of device.

Make Information Easy to Find

If a user with reasonable Internet skills can easily find the information they’re looking for, then congratulations! You’re on the right track. Navigation should be simple, uncluttered, and easy-to-understand. Although millennials will spend considerable time on your site if they’re interested in digging deeper, they won’t devote much time to trying to figure out your navigation or contact information if it’s not obvious.

Give Your Site a Contemporary Look and Feel

If your site looks like a site from 2010, you’ve probably already lost most millennials – they like to be entertained. At the very least, your design should look like you’re up on the latest trends even if it’s not 100 percent cutting edge or interactive. However, by creating a site with some unique features, you can entertain and engage users longer.

Tell a Story

Millennials love a good story. Capitalize on this with site language that makes them the hero. When your site shows them how your product or service can transform their life or business, millennials are more likely to continue interacting with your website and your brand. If you can make them feel good about who you are, they’ll keep coming back.

Use Clear Language

Clear wins out over clever or jargon-laden sentences every time. Keep your messaging simple to avoid confusing your end user. You want to engage millennials instead of sending them on to greener pastures.

The Magic of Millennial Friendly Sites

When it comes to making websites that are millennial-friendly, focus on creating a site that is extremely user-friendly, simple to navigate, and easy to understand. Millennials may be at the forefront of innovation, but a site that appeals to millennials doesn’t automatically mean it won’t apply to Generation X and Baby Boomer generations. On the contrary, since millennials are behind the push of simpler interfaces, your millennial-friendly website might gain you more business from all types of demographics.


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Kristine Jacobson

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