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Showing your audience why your product is better and how it fits into their lives takes a lot of skill.

Selling a product is challenging and presents unique hurdles. Consumers seek reviews and referrals, align themselves with certain brands, and are price-conscious. With all these things to consider, marketers are becoming increasingly innovative with their sales tactics.

There are four basic ways to get creative when it comes to selling your product:

  1. Show it in action.
  2. Present it in an original way.
  3. Be thought-provoking or inspirational.
  4. Use humor.

Show it in action.

With the onslaught of video everywhere on social media, sometimes all you need to do is actually show consumers how well your product works. It may seem simplistic, but some great action footage can enhance your brand and generate consumer interest.

Blendtec has been producing a show called “Will It Blend?” since 2006. It appears on YouTube and shows short episodes of Tom Dickson, the Blendtec founder, crushing some unusual things in a blender. An iPhone, super glue, and scrapbooking supplies (complete with scissors) are just a few recent things that Dickson has blended. When an iPhone is reduced to a piece of metal and black dust, it’s pretty impressive.

Another product that excels at showing itself in action is Flex Seal. During this Flex Seal Liquid commercial, the announcer shows a boat made of screens that he covers with Flex Seal and then pilots through an alligator-infested swamp.

Present it in an original way.

A little creative product placement can go a long way. Sometimes, you just need to remind customers that your product exists… and why they need it.

This Folgers campaign features manhole covers that have been transformed into steaming hot cups of Folgers coffee. Nothing makes you want some hot coffee more than seeing huge steaming cups of it on your way to work on a cold morning.

Click Here to see the Folgers ad.

In this IKEA commercial, a kitchen is cooked up in a skillet. IKEA is reminding us that its kitchens can be customized to meet our needs and wants – but they are doing it in a way that really makes consumers feel like they understand cooking.

Be thought-provoking or inspirational.

If you can make your audience stop and think, then you are one step closer to them remembering your name and then choosing your product off of the store shelf.
Take a look at how Beldent, a chewing gum in Argentina, convincingly makes you feel like chewing gum will make you more likeable.

This Nike campaign simply inspires people to keep moving.

Click here to see the Nike ad.

Use humor.

Humor is always a great attention-getter. The new Hyundai Genesis commercial with Kevin Hart proves this, as they promote their Car Finder feature.


Take a look at this Dirt Devil commercial. It starts off like the scene of a horror movie, but switches gears right when you’re about to hide your eyes.

Click here to see the Dirt Devil ad.

Showing your audience why your product is better and how it fits into their lives takes a lot of skill. A little imagination can go a long way, though. Some creative action, thought, inspiration, and laughter will drive sales.

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Kristine Jacobson

Kristine Jacobson

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